Produced by Tate Media, dir. Nick Aldridge, for Channel 4

Music Sideways (Canon for three voices), 2008, 2012 
live performance, vocal canon based on a single melodic line sung by three singers. duration variable (aprox 10 minutes)

Video : 30th Sao Paulo Biennale 2012 , Sao Paulo, Brasil.

Video : Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts, st Lousi, MO, USA. (performed by 3 sopranos from the st Louis Philharmonic choir)

This is a 3-part vocal canon, each singer starts from one of three different points in time, singing the same melodic line : a process which forms a virtual, revolving triangle. The performers activate spaces by singing unannounced, at varied locations, for 3 minutes every few hours.

Music Sideways was first performed at The Serpentine Gallery, in 2008 and has since been re-worked in different formats.

It recently became a film work for television (as a film commissioned by Tate Media & channel 4)

Music Sideways Score